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the OC

I remember when Thursday night used to be a huge night for television. What happened? Is there anything *good* on between 9 and 10 anymore? Note to the twelve tv shows that conflict on Tuesdays: try Thursday. Just sayin.
So nothing very deep behind the cut. I was bored and I had my (crappy) laptop, so I jotted some stuff down. (in as much as you can jot on a computer)

Oh, yes Ryan, the way to make up for people ditching you is to ditch others. Good choice there.

I love the irony that Seth and Caleb would crack the same joke to Sandy about having found his calling as a plumber.

Why is it that Marissa has shacked up with Alex? I get that they’re dating. I’m even for it. But they had like one date and then she moved in? They weren’t together for a whole week! The fact that Marissa has now been relegated to housewife makes me laugh....with a very evil tone.

I gotta say, I *really* hope that Ryan and Marissa don’t get back together. I’m very much over that ship.

Billy Campbell!!!! I love him so :) I swoon at everything but those sideburns he’s sporting.

Nerf roller hockey in the mall all night might make it worth being stuck in the mall all night.
Ooops! Camera.

Do we know who that guy is that’s following Julie?
Julie:: “Last time you gave me something, I drank cranberry juice for a week.”

Don’t do it Seth!! It can only bring heartache and fights!!
See. I told you. Sheesh, if only these characters would just listen to me.

Ahahah!!! Julie was a porn not!star.

Sandy and Caleb are like grudging best buddies now. Poor Sandy.

Seriously, the sideburns are killing my swoon.

Summer:: Okay. We cannot be more annoying than Ryan and Marissa.

Awwww, he finally got the plastic ring [*sniffle*]
It makes me very happy when Kirsten puts her real rings back on.

Star Wars trailer as done by Adam with toys!!! *love*
Real Trailer:: Might not suck.

I don't have any OC icons, so you get one of my new NUMB3RS ones :)
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