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rogue equestrian

Gilmore Girls anyone?

In an effort to get more squee on here than our beloved SciFi Friday collection,

Luke:: Get that coffee out of here.
Lorelai:: This is not coffee, this is a mocha chocolate caramel swirly chino with extra whipped cream
Luke:: That sounds disgusting.
Lorelai:: It is. And if it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one

Rory is way to excited about cereal lately. Although coco-puff discovery would be special

I don’t think I have mentioned my great love for Michel (so much that I’m not sure I can spell his name). I love him so very much.

Suki just SO called him on his story about the Price is Right :) I would kill to see him on that show

Ahaha!! Kirk’s mother is allergic to his girlfriend :D

I want to shoot Emily when she talks about Luke, and now I want to shoot Richard too. How could they think that a genuinely good guy like Luke could be bad and think that a complete screwup jerk like Chris is acceptable? I don’t get it.

Ack! Naked!Kirk in Luke’s boat in Lorelai’s garage!!

Fin and co have WAY too much money. There’s a live band at his themed birthday party?

In conclusion:: oh, Kirk.
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